Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stampin' Up! Fiji Trip Day One

Good Evening!
I know quite a few of you have asked me to tell about our trip, so.....
I'm going to try my hardest to blog about our trip of a lifetime with Stampin' Up! and going literally half way around the world to the South Pacific and the little island of Fiji.

Our trip started on Sunday, April 28.  We had a layover in Denver to connect to a flight to LA and onto Air Pacific to Fiji.  Well, we kind of felt like we were on the Amazing Race.  We literally were the last ones to board the plane to Fiji.  The best laid plans......our flight from Denver was delayed and where we thought we had a comfortable 6 hours to hang out at LAX, we soon found ourselves in the throws of almost having to abandon our luggage and just get on the plane because we didn't have enough time to get our luggage from the domestic flight to go through customs onto the flight to Fiji!  YIKES, there were 6 of us and we are now known affectionately among ourselves as "The LA Six".  The travel agency that booked SU! was literally calling me every 5 minutes on my cell asking how far along we were.  Well, our luggage and all of us made it with the door closing behind us!!

After traveling for almost 20 hours, we arrived in Nadi, Fiji at 5:30am and were greeting by Fijian musicians.

You see the men wearing skirts?  Yep, their called Sulu's and they are worn out of respect for the tribe they come from.  I think I maybe saw one Fijian male wearing shorts everyone else wore Sulu's.
As we left the airport, Stampin' Up! had native Fijan women greet us with seashell necklaces and a bottle of South Pacific water!  Whew we needed that!

The hotel was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for better, SU! does first class all the way.  Here's the view from our room, Yep, I'm drinking Fiji water, I think between Edwin and I we must have drank 3 cases of the stuff!

The ocean is just on the other side of the palm trees.  WOW, just beautiful.

After after a yummy breakfast (and a nap), we had the most amazing fresh fruit every morning.  One of my favorite new fruits is Paw Paw.  Its kind of a cross between a mango and a cantaloupe.  Hmmm, wonder if Franks sells it!
We took a walk to Port Denarau and found a local sandwich shop and I drank from my very first coconut!

And to finish off our first day of paradise we had a SU! General Session and were treated to a Fijian Brass Band, man they were good!  Along with a dessert buffet, free NEW product AND the NEW CATALOG!!!
Have you ever seen about 225 women go ape??  And our spouses got a "Dude you"re welcome" kit AND a stamping survival kit for stamps nights at home.  It came complete with snicker's bar, deck of cards, a puzzle book and a whistle in case we forget where we left them!  Edwin of course, LOVED it!

And of course to end the day, I had a pillow gift when we got back to our room of a great beach bag, that was promptly put to use the next day!

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  1. What an event to get to Fiji but glad all of you made it! Looks lovely and glad you enjoyed your well deserved trip! Look forward to seeing more pics!

  2. That looks amazing- what a fabulous trip.


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