Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Stampin' Up! Fiji Day Three-Chalk Talk

OK, I'm sorry, I so don't know what just happened to 1 1/2 weeks! 
I wanted to show you a picture of the little gifts I did for my club members and others who came up to bat for me in earning our trip to Fiji.

These are spoons made from coconut, and I thought they would make perfect little sugar spoons, so everyone got a little pack of 100% Fiji sugar and all tied together with handwoven coconut rope!  And  if you look really close at the tag, you'll see a sneak peek of a new stamp set called Chalk Talk.  Thank you to everyone who supports me in my little business!! 

Make sure you RSVP for my 8th Annual PJ Party on May 30 from 6pm-9pm so I can spoil you too!
Just go to my website at and go to events to RSVP!

Day Three in Fiji for me was probably the most satisfying.  We as a group were able to volunteer to go help clean up the Nadi hospital.  Painting, cleaning and other fixer upper projects needed to be done.
We are so blessed to live in our country and have the health care we do.  WOW, the hospital was....well let's say not up to our sanitation standards.  I spent 4 hours, mopping, wiping and scrubbing to get the dirt off of walls, counters, windows (and a little painting too).  And frankly praised God, that I didn't get sick while there.
It made me appreciate all the things we take for granted.  And it felt so GOOD to help!  It was hot and dirty and it was the best day!  And doing it among friends was even better!

Marjie S, who is in my sideline, me, Marla Anderson who is the guest of Sarah Schueler.  Marjie lives in Denver but Marla and Sarah just live up the road from me but I didn't know them before this trip.  We all became fast friends and laughed harder than anyone should be allowed to!

After all the hard work, we just hung out and relaxed.  This next picture is shot that Edwin took, its the beach in front of our hotel at sunset.  Heavy seems so long ago!

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