Monday, August 22, 2011

Cupcakes oh my!

I don't know if you are just as enthralled as my daughter, Sage and I are with all the baking shows?  Well, we of course LOVE Cake Boss and we also love Cupcake Wars.  So I thought this next card was perfect for us!
The idea was given to us at convention as part of their plus One campaign.  We did awesome make and takes and as we were leaving the make and take area they gave us a bag full of projects we could take home to use at our own workshops.  If you were at or hosted any of my workshops this month, you got to make it!

In the spirit of the cupcake.....we discovered a new cupcake place in a town next to us called OMG Cupcakes.  If you are ever in Lake Geneva I highly recommend stopping.  They have DIVINE cupcakes.  The first time we stopped in Chef Sam invited Sage to come back anytime and frost cupcakes with her.  Well that's what we did on Saturday.  OMG they were good!!!

Here's Sage with Chef Sam learning to hold a pastry bag.  She got really good at it doing it one handed!

And of course this is the finished product.  Some of the cupcakes met an untimely death before we even made it home.  Man they were good!

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