Friday, July 15, 2011

Convention Day Two

I know, I know you are wondering what happened to day one??

Well, I didn't get to SLC until after 8:30pm and really there is nothing to tell.  Other than my roommates, who took pity on me and brought me dinner back from the Olive Garden as I got to the hotel just as they finished up dinner.
And of course staying up WAY too late finishing up swaps and yapping!

My two roommates are Sandy Kanapilly and Donna Marcil.  Sandy and I have roomed together forever and are just two little peas in a pod.  And this is Donna's first convention and its been so fun to see it through the eyes of a newbie!!

Sandy is on the left, Donna in the middle and of course me!  I forgot my hairbrush and I didn't have my own hairspray or mousse, so I was winging it!!  YIKES. 

We had dinner at this wonderful restaurant called Christophers.  I don't get to eat often at "real" restaurants so it was truly a treat.

Awards night was on Day Two.  I haven't gone to one in awhile and was glad that I did.  One of my tablemates from the Alaskan Cruise, Missy Shipman, was named to Stampin' Up!'s Advisory Board.  WOW, I'm so happy for her and its such an amazing honor to be picked.  TRULY, Stampin' Up! couldn't have picked a better person!  Congratulations Missy! 

My other tablemate, Tammi Oakley, was named #23 Demonstrator of the Year!  I was truly sitting among the stars on our cruise.  I can't wait to pick her brain at Leadership as we'll be roommates this coming year!  YIPEE FOR ME!

I also had another one of my friends, LeeAnn Greff #43 (I think so many numbers to remember) Demonstrator of the Year!  We had eaten dinner with her at Christophers that night and we had ear to ear grins for her.  Congratulations LeeAnn!  You ROCK!!

Stampin' Up! truly spoils their demonstrators and I'm proud AND humbled to be among their friends.  They truly amaze and inspire me.

Stampin' Up! was mixing things up a little this year and had a fun little after party.  There was dancing and deserts.  And I HAD to share this picture of Donna.  She's a techno geck.  She's dancing the Electric Slide at the after party but can you really see what she's doing???   Yes, she is dancing but she's also texting!!

These swaps are my friend LeeAnn Greff's.  Aren't they beautiful?  I love the different colors.  You can't see it too well, but the brad in the middle is the polka dot brads we now sell with the new 2011-2013 In Colors.

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  1. Hey roomie,
    Miss ya already!!! I had a blast...can't wait for next year ;)


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