Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Mark Card

Just a quick look at a card we made this month.  Its a book mark card.  We used the cutter kit to get the perforated part.  So you can give a card and gift all in one!  Everyone loved it but hated me for making them cut!  This was my first one and I accidently put the ribbon on the bottom of the book mark but it won't matter once its pulled off!
I used the color coach to come up with my color combos.  I love that thing!

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  1. Absolutely stunning! These colors are so rich and vibrant! I'm glad you gave the instructions on the perforated bookmark part as I was wondering how the bookmark came apart - totally makes sense, super creative!

  2. I absolutely love this card. The color coach comes in handy quite often for me. I want to case your book mark idea.

  3. Totally bright and beautiful. What an amazing array of colors. Love the flowers. Great card, Robyn!


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