Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Approaching Fast!

Good Morning Everyone!

I had to post this picture of the finished products of all Sage's Halloween treats.  They turned out so stinking cute!!!  What I liked about these better than ones I've done in the past, is the bottoms are sealed and crimped so the kids can use them to put other things in later.  Stickers, pencils etc....

This next project was done by one of my newest downline members, Kris Thomas.  Its so cute and is going to work with me today to sit on my desk.  Hand santitizesr at a refuse and recycle company is a must!! :0)

The Bitty Bat punch is behind the bottle, you can see his little wings sticking out.  These cute hand santitizers were from Bath and Body Works, this one is Spiders Web that is licorice and I saw another one that was Vampires Blood.  Kris got the idea from this gal :

I hope that works right, first time I put a link in!

Have a great day!!

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  1. Dozens of draculas, wow ! The hand sanitizer is a fun idea, thanks for sharing. The link worked perfectly =)

  2. Does SU have a bat punch? I want one!
    Love the sanitizer holder. I gave my Twilight friend the "Vampire Blood" one

  3. great treat that cute vampire...and tell kris i love what she did with this project too...

  4. So very cute, love the vampires! Love the hand sanitizer holder also, I have seen these, but yours is really cute.

  5. Great Halloween projects!
    Following you from SC. Hope you'll join me too!

  6. Robyn,

    Love Sage's Halloween treats! Lots of draculas. I have never seen a hand sanitizer holder before - interesting.

  7. Those little vampires are too cute! Love the Halloween anti-bac holder, too. I am addicted to making those holders myself. Love 'em! :)

  8. Fun treat holders and the hand sanitizer holder is awesome as well!

  9. Wonderful Hallowe'en gifts! I especially like the candy bar pulls. I'm #271 following from Stampin Connection

  10. These Halloween treats are soooooo cute. Great job!



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