Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stampin' Up! Weekly Deals-December 17-23

I love that Stampin' Up! is giving us weekly deals!  I'm always looking for a deal, aren't you??

 I wanted to share my Lunatic Fringe Club challenge.  I had shared my Church Ladies Club challenge so its only fair, so here's some fun samples of what a few of them did.  I have an amazing bunch of creative Lunatics!  Look at the layout, all the same but really different!

The above card is from Juli Henrie.  Who would have thunk it??  A snowman!  Stinkin' cute!

This is made by Anca Carlson, makes you forget the snow!  You know I love it, my blog header has that stamp set!

This one is from my friend Natalie Bauman, she's always trying to use just Stampin' Up! and I love her for that!  I really don't get offended if you use something else but it sure does my heart good to see something like this.  I love the color combo.

And this one is from a relatively new stamper, Carol Stauss.  I love how she made the wreath!

Awesomely terrific, you gals rock!

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