Sunday, November 11, 2012

Better Late than never!

Good Evening Everyone!

I know this is about 11 days behind, but wanted to share some Halloween treat ideas along with some fun Halloween pictures!
So this is Sage and Dad, she was the zombie ballerina and he was the zombie dad

Sage and her cousin Piper.  She was an Marinette puppet.  It was really cute! 

I made these for the gals I work with.  I had all the tags left over from making all the bags below for Sage's class.

Filled with pencils, pumpkin erasers and candy.  Embossed with the spider web.  Think about it, you could emboss with Northern Flurry and fill will Christmas Candy and use the Christmas tag set for tags!  Those googlie eyes just get me everytime!  I love them!

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