Friday, August 20, 2010

Catching Up Time

Good Evening Everyone,
This next post is going to be all over the board!  I was going through my memory card and came across some pictures I wanted to share.  So bear with me...........

This first one is when I had the honor of having dinner with Shelli Gardner and her daughter Sara, right in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  WOW.  First off, I want to thank my sweet downline, Micky Seerveld for making it all possible.  How so you ask?  Is Micky best friends with Shelli?  Well not quite.........

A few months back, Micky earned herself one of 24 workshops of a lifetime.  She did this through her sales with Stampin' Up! and recruiting.  What's a workshop of a lifetime?  Well, Shelli Gardner, Co-founder of Stampin' Up! came to Micky's house and did a Stampin' Up! workshop.  Now if you know anything about Stampin' Up!, you know that for sure is a workshop of a lifetime!  And in the same day, I had the honor of Shelli and her daughter Sara attending my downline meeting. WOWZA!  After the meeting Micky and her family and myself and my family, got to have a wonderful dinner with Shelli and Sara.  Below is the picture taken outside of the restuarant of my cute little family and Shelli.  Besides Shelli and me, that is my darling husband, Edwin and our adorable daughter, Sage.

Yes, I think my eyes might be closed, but that would be nothing new, I never seem to have them open for pictures!  I have to tell you, after sitting down and talking with Shelli and Sara, I'm more committed to Stampin' Up! than I ever was before.  They are the most amazing women.  They made us all feel like we were old friends just catching up.  They were open and honest about Stampin' Up! and what their likes and dislikes were.  If I hadn't already been a demonstrator, I would have signed up on the spot!-(You can too, by the way, just go to my website at, and go to the join now button, you'll need the code Wisconsin.  I promise, you won't regret it!)

Before we went to have dinner that night, I was trying to explain to Sage who Shelli was.  And she asked me, "Oh, is she going to make you President of Stampin' Up!?"  Ha!  Not sure I'd want that job, but if I could get all the free product my heart desired...........

My next picture is of Sage, and one of her cards.......she was helping me in my stamp room tonight and wanted me to show her doing her "stampin' up! business".  One of my sweet customers (thanks Dawn!) made Sage a black apron to match mine, so when I was having a workshop at the house or class at the house, Sage could teach along.  She has taught quite a few of my customers how to sandwich the Big Shot plates!

No her face isn't dirty, she was at a birthday party today and they did some face painting. Gotta love it!

Alright, lastly for tonight, this next picture is from December of last year.  I wanted to do something fun for Sage's class for their Christmas party, so I decided to do these Santa Boxes.  I filled them with little toys you can buy at Wally World.  And Sage wrote each one of her classmates names across the white part of Santa's hat.  Can you you figure out all the punches I used?

Its your standard triangle box.  All you are doing is adding the punches to the box, no stamping required.  So the top of his hat is the Boho Blossoms punch, the brim of his hat is the word window punch (perfect for writing names).  His face is the 1" circle punch and his beard is the 1 3/4 " scallop punch.  His eyes were from a 1/4" circle punch and his nose was the 1/2" circle punch.  I used the Basic Black 5/8" grosgrain ribbon for his belt and just a soda tab for his buckle.  And HO HO HO Merry Christmas!!!
Really super easy to make and so so cute.  Now's the time to start thinking of these things.  Please visit me at my Stampin' Up! website: if you would like to purchase any of the punches I used to make this.

See you tomorrow with some great card swaps from my Lunatic Fringe stamp club!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute !! And so creative, too . Thanks for sharing =)


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